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About Blitz Computer

Welcome to Blitz Computer, a well-known global supplier of computer components. Blitz Computer is specialized in PC components including CPU, RAM, HDD, Opticals, Motherboards, SSDs, Systems, Graphics Cards, Software and PC Peripherals.

We only select reliable products and services for our customers and we maintain close partnerships with manufacturers.

We are passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals through the adoption of technology resulting in an outstanding partner experience every time.

Our dedicated commercial team consists of professional product and market specialists with many years of experience in the PC components industry.

Our strategy is to stay close to the market by gathering critical information from all regions in the world.

We are proud of our global channel expertise and long-term partnerships with system integrators, distributors, retailers, e-tailers and resellers This gives our customers the advantage to have access to the latest prices, products and allocation when buying from Blitz Computer.

One of our key-objectives is to be able to offer all the products in our portfolio direct from stock which guarantees a next day or even same-day delivery.

Financial Options

We offer clients a wide range of accommodating payment methods & terms to fit almost any budget. Additionally, we offer a tailored corporate financing option so you can achieve success in this challenging and competitive market.

How do we work ?
FOB Point

Nearly all our products are FOB Germany unless stated.

For UK Customers

After you place an order we custom clear the products with German customs and ship them to the UK.

Blitz UK pays for all the custom clearance and pays International shipping charges.

Once your order is in our UK logistics partner, it is shipped to your domestic address.

You are Invoiced from Blitz UK with UK VAT Registration and only charged domestic shipping as stated on your sales order.

Hopefully our UK Clients will benefit from this unique service for swift customs, shipment and financial options.

For EU customers

After you place an order we ship your order to your country and Invoice you from Blitz Germany.

For International customers

After you place an order we custom clear the products with German customs and ship.

You are Invoiced from Blitz Germany

Your custom clearance should be done by your custom broker.

About Stock in the Channel

Founded in 2009 to help resellers source hardware from authorised distributors, Stock in the Channel quickly grew to become an indispensable tool for the UK channel. Stock in the Channel has since expanded its services to be active in 22 countries, with over 25,000 registered customers across Europe, North America, and Australia. Thousands of resellers, VARs and MSPs use the stock search daily. The founders history of working with e-commerce a webstore offer soon launched, matching stock with product descriptions and adding margins to the resellers buy price. This was offered as both a datafeed and a turnkey Magento option. The company continues to grow and is financially strong

Stock in the Channel is trusted by over 25,000 IT Resellers

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