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Non-Original print supplies can be tempting for businesses and end-users alike. The market offers everything from non-branded imitation products, to counterfeits that are made to look like the real thing. At both ends of the scale, non-Original products tend to be cheaper and, at least initially, seem to work. But supplies that aren’t manufacturer-approved may cause damage to printers, the environment, and even the health of users.

The problem is quality

Take a peek inside a working printer and you’ll start to understand the dangers of non-Original print supplies. From degraded print quality and damaged printers to broken product warranties, a host of perils could await any business that regularly relies on non-Original print supplies.

Non-Original HP cartridges are often remanufactured print cartridges, or filled with low quality ink of questionable origin. When you’re using Original, oil-based HP printer ink – which is high-quality and thoroughly tested – you’re guaranteed a much better quality of print. While refilled printer ink cartridges may contain more ink, the product itself doesn’t come up to scratch. In fact these copies manage to save on production costs by using low-quality generic compounds and water-based inks, which are not nearly as good and, more importantly, are not designed to work with HP hardware.

What’s more, repurposed cartridges do not always have a secure fit, or the print heads can become clogged or even leak. While these non-genuine cartridges can be used in most printers, they do not offer anywhere near the same quality of print. At first, the difference may not be too obvious, but the deteriorating colour may soon become evident as printing continues. Clearly, the risk to the customer is that it all leads to inferior results, ink wastage and potential damage to the printer’s components.

The risks associated with non-Original toner cartridges could be even higher. In fact, studies show that they’re more likely to fail eco-label indoor air quality criteria1, emit elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)2, and could represent an increased health risk to employees or customers2.

They’re also far worse for the environment. Companies who produce non-Original toner cartridges rarely have recycling programmes, which mean their products often end up in landfill3. Meanwhile they may use up to 23% more energy than their Original counterparts4, and could have a carbon footprint that’s up to 32% larger4. So while your customers might appreciate the low price point, they won’t thank you for preventing them from reaching their emissions targets.

Offer your customers a better deal

Alternative products may seem cheap, but Original HP cartridges deliver a lower total cost of printing, enabling fast, efficient printing and impressive results. What’s more, all Original HP cartridges are fully tested and backed by HP’s exceptional support, service and warranty5.

Original ink cartridges are specifically designed for HP printers which means they ensure the machine itself works to its optimum level. Not only are they the only products guaranteed not to damage your printer, they’re actually designed to extend the life of your printer – which is one of the reasons HP printers have a reputation for lasting so long. HP cartridges actually clean and lubricate the print heads with every print to ensure no blockages build up.

And, of course, the benefits of providing your valued customers such a reliable experience, free of complications, could be priceless for delivering repeat purchases and building long-term relationships.

On the other hand, if you’re supplying your customers with non-branded or imitation consumables, HP can offer no such reassurance. As a result, your customers’ printer warranties may be affected – which would be unwelcome news to them should anything go wrong.

At Westcoast, we believe it’s critical your customers have access to high quality, Original supplies, and we’re here to support our reseller partners by supplying only the best products. Quite simply, if your business isn’t delivering the real deal to customers every time, then you could be doing them – and yourselves – a real disservice. With the largest stock holding and broadest range of Original HP printer supplies available anywhere in the UK, we’ve got the products your customers need, whenever they need them.

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