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About Genee

Company Overview

Genee Group (G Tech Innovation Ltd) manufactures interactive touchscreen devices, related products and interactive solutions. As a specialist manufacturer based in the UK we are able to offer our reseller partners a full support service making it simple for our partners to generate business.

Product Ranges
Our products and services fall into 4 main areas:
Genee G-Touch Interactive Touch Screen Displays
Genee Registrar Visitor Sign In / Sign Out Systems
Genee G-Touch Table and Play Screens For Early Years
Visualisers / Document Cameras (Wired and Wireless)

Choose value. Choose Software. Choose Genee
As the manufacturer Genee offers excellent value for money solutions direct to our reseller partners with our own software and interfaces which make our products simple to learn and simple to use. Our products fully integrate with each other to offer a full interactive solution. It is the software that turns a product into a solution.

Education and Corporate Sales Worldwide
Our interactive touch screen solutions are used in thousands of schools and business’ in the UK and worldwide. All supported from the UK and all providing the ability to improve learning and training.

Let us help you to win business?
We offer our full support by working with our reseller partners and their customers on their behalf, providing product selection, pre sales, demonstrations, direct delivery, installation (if required), product training, post sales, technical support and warranty. All these functions are provided by our own sales, technical support and engineers. This means you do not have to be experts in touch screen solutions as we provide this on your behalf.

Looking for credit terms to help with the sale?
We offer credit terms (subject to our credit insurers limits) so please complete our trade account form. We also offer leasing facilities for our own products and 3rd party products you purchase.

Get In Touch
If you have a customer enquiry for a touchscreen solution or visitor registration system please give us the chance to support you with a professional solution that works. Simply call us on 01902 390862 or email sales@genee-group.com

With Genee you do not have to be a touch screen solution expert as we can do this for you.

About Stock in the Channel

Founded in 2009 to help resellers source hardware from authorised distributors, Stock in the Channel quickly grew to become an indispensable tool for the UK channel. Stock in the Channel has since expanded its services to be active in 22 countries, with over 25,000 registered customers across Europe, North America, and Australia. Thousands of resellers, VARs and MSPs use the stock search daily. The founders history of working with e-commerce a webstore offer soon launched, matching stock with product descriptions and adding margins to the resellers buy price. This was offered as both a datafeed and a turnkey Magento option. The company continues to grow and is financially strong

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