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‘Just’ the world’s largest specialist projector lamp distributor

Specialist. (noun)
"Someone who devotes themselves to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit."

Just Lamps is the world’s largest specialist projector lamp distributor. While others include lamps as one of many product lines, we devote ourselves to lamps as our sole range. Lamps are all that we do… and we do them very well!

The result is a number of key differences between Just Lamps and other suppliers. Four business ‘cornerstones’ set us apart from – and above – the others.

Excellence – Excellence of service comes down to small details. And being purely focused on lamps means we can spend time ensuring that we always get the detail right.

Consistency - with Just Lamps there’s no anxiety about whether a call or email will be promptly returned, if a request will be fulfilled, or whether an urgently needed lamp will arrive as promised. Our approach is simple – if we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

Specialist - Because lamps are all we do, we can focus and ensure our staff have the best product knowledge in the industry.

Global – with warehouses and staff located in North America and throughout Europe and Asia, Just Lamps is well established as a global player. We’re large enough to leverage the information that we need to help us support our customers, but local accountability ensures we are nimble enough to execute quickly and efficiently.

Just Lamps is successful by focusing on our area of expertise – lamps – and by meeting our customers’ needs, while often exceeding their expectations. It’s a strategy that has served us well while delivering over one million lamps worldwide during the last eleven years and one that will carry us forward in delivering the next million.

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