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Economy meets sustainability with ECOSYS

Buyers today are concerned more about the environment and being sustainable as they are about cost when it comes to sourcing new printers and MFPs.

Kyocera’s reputation for reliable, high-quality devices puts the ECOSYS A4 product line in poll position. Sustainability is high on the agenda – their printers and MFPs offer enhanced energy efficiency alongside the low running costs customers expect. Every device is available carbon neutral and their 2023/24 line-up all come with award winning K-Level security.

Genuine Supplies

When choosing a printing device, it pays to consider the cost of consumables over the lifetime of the product to ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum.

Kyocera’s ECOSYS devices include ultra-durable components – our drums have 10 times the lifespan of a standard drum and require only one third of the manufacturing energy to produce.

We take toner innovation seriously to ensure it delivers premium benefits in terms of imaging quality, reliability, and energy savings – which all have a cost benefit for the customer.

Kyocera Original Toner

When buying or specifying toner for your Kyocera printer or MFP there are number of questions to ask. Alternative toner (compatibles, remanufactured, clones, fakes, counterfeits) may not be good for your health, the environment or your budget despite the attractive price tag. Think about the provenance of the toner, prolonging your product’s life, consistent print quality and low running costs to ensure you continue to get the maximum value from your printer or MFP.


Do you know what’s in your toner. Alternatives may contain carcinogenic particles that are bad for your health and the work environment. Do you know what raw materials the cartridge is made from. Many third-party toners contain straight to landfill plastics.


Compatibles can prove to be a false economy. If you are replacing your toner more frequently than expected the actual volume may be less than stated. Streaking and leaking is associated with refilled cartridges resulting in wasted toner and paper due to the need to reprint.

Product Life

Installing third-party toners in your printer is like putting square pegs in round holes, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your printer, and risking reliability issues.

Pristine Quality

Fake toner often smudges, and documents can suffer from faint type and lines, faded colours and flecks. These toner issues are inconsistent and usually strike when you have important documents to print.

Eco-conscious Toner

Kyocera original toner has a sharp melting core covered by a thin shell. It fuses at a temperature 30℃ lower than that of conventional printers and MFPs, cutting power consumption when printing by half. Smaller, homogenous particles form a tight, uniform toner layer on the page to reflect light better. The result is even gradients, vibrant colours, smoother graphics and sharp text.

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